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Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for Better Skin

You are what you eat; plus your personal chemistry; plus your environment. And because of this, there are things you can alter in your diet and lifestyle to help avoid the breakouts.

Here are a few simple things that many people don't talk about but I do or have done which has made a difference:

1) No shellfish. No lobster, no crab, and no shrimp. Shellfish are bottom fishers and as such eat trash on the ocean floor - you have no idea what it has eaten, so on some days shrimp may be fine and other days you look like you're 16 again.

I did an experiment - over 8 months I tracked when I had shellfish and found 100% of the time I had some sort of break out (sometimes it was 3-4 days later and it lasted for weeks!). Then I completely removed it from my diet - no more break outs. I tell people I'm allergic so I don't accidentally have it in a sauce or stuffing.

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2) Put lemon wedges in a cup in the morning and it will encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.

3) Take vitamins at night before you go to bed (if you take them in the morning it can make you feel nauseous). You can't possibly eat enough vegetables to get the recommended daily allowance. I take a Multi Vitamin and Biotin - which is amazing for your hair.red wine over white

4) Avoid putting a phone up to your face....they are absolutely filthy! I use a headset at work and use the wireless option on my cell as much as possible. I also use clean both with handy wipes.

5) Red Wine over White Wine. It may only contain small amounts of resveratrol but there are studies which support resveratrol is good for your heart and may have anti-aging properties. The latter is still being evaluated but if you have a choice - why not.

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I have yet to see a correlation between breakouts and greasy food or chocolate - I think those are urban legends - as such, french fries (particularly the Parmesan truffle ones) and snickers are still part of the routine!


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