About Our Company

About Scalisi Skincare


Scalisi Skincare is made for men and women of all ages and suitable for sensitive skin. Recommended by doctors, models, aestheticians, and makeup artists, dermatologist tested and FDA compliant.

Scalisi Skincare is the 2015 CEW QVC Beauty Quest Award Winner the search for the next big thing in beauty.

Innovative Technology - Science - based on wound healing technology - Boasts a powerful combination of peptides and a multi-functional anti-aging vitamin complex to achieve our superior results. Think of a wrinkle as similar to a cut or burn.  Our science is based on wound healing technology not retinol.  Years of meticulous research about the body's healing mechanism produces the technology behind the line. Reduces visible wrinkles by up to 45% in 8 weeks.*

Luxurious Textures - Beauty Innovation - ME Technology better absorption in a silky formula™.   A revolutionary system delivers active ingredients deep into the skin for long lasting benefits.  The unique system allows the products to have a light texture.  This not only feels good on the skin but produces long lasting results.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin - and Contains NO: retinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, silicone, animal ingredients, no animal testing, WITH natural and essential oils, in sustainable green packaging.

*Individual results may vary.