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Meet Founder Jill Scalisi

Jill Scalisi and Mark Potter

Jill Scalisi with Mark Potter, world renowned chemist

Jill Scalisi is the Founder and CEO of SCALISI™ NATURALLY SCIENTIFIC SKINCARE.  After being diagnosed with skin cancer and not satisfied with the products available on the market, she opted to create her own line.  Using her background in micro biology and chemistry, she partnered with the industry's top scientists and spent 5 years doing research and development and over two years formulating to create SCALISI™. 

SCALISI™ is based on wound healing technology. Years of meticulous research about the body's healing mechanism have perfected our actives which trigger the brain into thinking a wrinkle is a cut.  The body does what it does naturally, it heals it.   SCALISI™ boasts a powerful combination of peptides, protein inhibitors, anti-inflammatory agents, botanicals and vitamins.   SCALISI™ is an award winning leader in Anti-Aging Skincare; it is FDA compliant and dermatologist tested.  The line is suitable for sensitive skin and uses No Parabens and No Retinol.

SCALISI™ is a CEW Beauty Quest Winner (the Search for the Next Big Thing in Beauty).  Jill is a Brava Award Winner (Top Women Business Leaders of New York).  She has been nominated for Fashion Group International Beauty Entrepreneur of the Year and has been recognized by the beauty industry as a thought leader and innovator.  Jill lives in Connecticut with her two children, Alexandra and Tommy. 

You can follow Jill's Beauty Blog and read more about her story.