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5 Steps to Reboot Your Skincare Routine for Fall

Fall has officially arrived!

It’s time to transition from your beach-bound-sun-filled summer skincare routine to a more cozy, crisp autumn evening one.

Take your Makeup Off!

Taking your makeup off properly should remain a priority throughout the year!

Use Scalisi Skincare Cleanser and Exfoliator to cleanse and remove impurities, all the while nourishing your skin with time released vitamins A, C and E! Added Jojoba, Macadamia & Sunflower Oils ensure that your skin doesn’tScalisi Skincare dry out in the changing weather!

Simply massage a dollop of our best selling cleanser onto wet skin using circular motions for one to two minutes and say hello to soft, glowing skin!

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Moisturize Well!

To avoid dry, flaky skin during the drier days, remember to moisturize using a hydrating moisturizer loaded with SPF. Yes, you read it right! Sun protection is equally important during Fall days to ensure absolute protection against sun damage.

Massage Scalisi Skincare Anti Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30 onto damp, cleansed skin using circular motions for one minute and you are good to go!

Invest in a Rich Night Cream

wrinkle creamWhile only one type of moisturizer is enough for the summer time, Fall days require a more intense hydrating routine to ensure that your skin stays plump and glowing.

Use Scalisi Skincare Advanced Wrinkle Cream after taking your makeup off at the end of the day, before hitting the pillow! Massage well onto cleansed skin for a minute and let the Scalisi peptide powerhouse work its magic while you sleep!

Don’t Forget Your Lips…

There is nothing more unflattering than cracked, dry lips with lipstick settling into creases!

Moisturize and protect your lips with Scalisi Skincare Lip Treatment with SPF 15.lip and eye This non-tinted lip balm feels incredible and goes on beautifully!

Use alone for a hint of shine or under a lip gloss or lipstick to highlight their appearance!

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…And your Eyes!

Drier weather tends to accentuate fine lines and crows feet around your eyes!

Use Scalisi Skincare Eye Cream to melt away the look of fine lines and crows feet and reduce the look of under eye puffiness to create a brighter appearance!

Simply lightly massage the Scalisi Skincare Eye Cream using your ring finger under and around your eyes every morning and evening.


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