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It isn't Easy Being Green. Or, is it?


Here's a picture of me at the printers. The fact that my dress is green is ironic because I didn't even realize it until later when someone pointed it out.

Most people don't get excited about boxes ..... I get it. However, I'm one of those few who do and for one just love Apple's packaging. The high quality boxes feel great; with a simple logo; and easy instructions; it's aesthetically pleasing all around. But I'm also the person who will lug magazines and newspapers home if I can't find a recycling bin at the airport.

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Being environmentally respectful is a responsibility we all share - I do it not because I have to but because it's the right thing to do. So you can imagine my dilemma in wanting luxury boxes but not at the expense of being irresponsible toward the environment.

I went to Brooklyn to learn about boxes.

There are a number of printers there but I was recommended to George for the high quality packaging I was looking for. What I was surprised to learn was that George ran a Sustainable Green Packaging business. What does this mean in English? 100% recyclable materials; 0% Emissions; 0% Waste Stream; No Alcohol; No Kerosenes; No Bleach; No Solvents; and they use Soy Based Ink. It is a huge facility where he operates two of the largest printing presses in New York State. Bingo!

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I asked George for a full tour of the facilities and at the end he pointed to the double doors where the actual printers were. Apparently most people actually don't ask to go in though I'm not sure why. George took one look at my outfit and said, are you sure? Yup. I mean, I was already there why not, right? And it was awesome to see the process from start to finish.

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