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If You Need Expertise - Hire an Expert - The Scientist

After trial and error and different variations I found a product that feels luxurious when you put it on; has 10 years of clinical studies to support the effectiveness and most importantly is SPF 30.  However, since the FDA requires cosmetic companies to verify the safety of its products I felt it necessary to go beyond the conclusions provided by the suppliers.  I wanted to make sure it was safe enough for my 13 year old daughter to use - which is the lowest common denominator that I expect as a consumer.

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Finally, if I was going to launch a company around these products, I needed a second opinion to make sure the clinical results didn't have holes in them.science never felt so good

I needed a non-biased third party who could independently verify both the safety and effectiveness of the products and serve as an advisor going forward on product development, testing etc.  My attorney suggested I hire a Regulatory Scientist.  I have to say not many things intimidate me in business but this was another story.  I equated it to looking for a pair of purple, poka dot, Louboutin's - translation for men....? 'so specific it must be impossible'.  Luckily I was able to sort through a number of candidates and found the perfect person - Dr K.  Dr. K is a doctor of analytical chemistry, has 35 years doing analytical chemistry, biopharmaceuticals, formulation development, clinical pharmacy, and regulatory.  But I just call him Bill.

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Bill is a wonderful guy with an incredible amount of experience and he is my scientist.  He has independently reviewed every ingredient in the products.  I have a 350 page document which supports his findings.  And he has independently reviewed the clinical tests and has come to the same conclusions - which was awesome because frankly I was concerned he wouldn't.

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