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Another Incredible Encounter

Today, I went to the gym and then to the nail salon.....here's what happened:

I am chatting it up with the woman next to me at the nail salon on her awesome choice of nail color...."She's Picture Perfect" by Essie.  I absolutely love it -it is lavender with a hint of iridescence - it's fantastic - it will be my new color for this season.  My new friend suggests I buy it so I won't have to worry about chipping ...so she has great taste and she's smart - I like her already!  As I look at the bottle it reminds me ..... Essie has an incredible brand and story - I am going to create a list of people I want to meet and she is one of them.

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My new friend explains her ability to tap into the 'in color' because she is in "fashion and beauty".  I don't say boo.  It never occurs to me to say "me too" or anything along those lines - I haven't been doing this long enough to even suggest that I belong.  So as my grandmother used to say, I keep still.

I then inquire further and she says she is the head of PR for one of the worlds leading luxury brands.

How these serendipitous interactions occur to me I have no idea.   It's as though they fall out of the damn sky.  The irony is not only is this conversation valuable - but the timing is impeccable ..... I have been wracking my brain on PR/advertising/marketing angles and directions for weeks!

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I then say that I have recently entered this business but I am new and I give her the 30 second overview.  She then proceeds to take the next 30 minutes to give me the most fantastic advise on what she would do if she were me .... the fact these things happen!

I can't make it up - it is awesome.

I swear - there is a path - and when you are on the right path, every time it looks like the pavers end - all of a sudden the path continues.

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  • Awesome! That’s Karma, baby!

    Sara Scalisi

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