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The Myth of Parabens

Scalisi Skincare doesn't use parabens ... but it's not because of what you may  think...

If you're like me, you have heard someplace that parabens cause cancer.  I remember years ago at a meeting at the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (I know very dorky but I am a science geek) and at the lunch break I asked a table of scientists "what is your opinion on parabens?".  The reactions were different ~ some laughed and some got very annoyed ~ but it was all for the same reason... the dangers of parabens is the biggest fallacy in beauty today.

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One scientist asked me if I ate bread..."because if you eat bread with preservatives then you can use cosmetics with preservatives".  Yes, parabens are a preservative.  I have a tendency to listen to two groups of people:  scientists and the FDA ~ so I checked out what the FDA had to say next ...

The reason why parabens have been linked to breast cancer is because in studies parabens acted like estrogen.  But no one seems to hear the next statement:  in these studies the parabens activity represented 10,000 to 100,000x LESS than what naturally occurs in the body!  Seems like a pretty big fact to miss but that is the truth.  You can read the FDA report  here.

Scalisi doesn't use parabens because some people are allergic to them...that's it.

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