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Not All Natural Products are Created Equal

When I created Scalisi Skincare, I wanted science based products that proved they worked; used natural ingredients; avoided harsh chemicals; and were put in sustainable green packaging.  That was in 2009 and it was because I felt it was the right thing to do and not because it was on trend.  I'm thrilled the market has now moved in this direction.  The natural skincare segment is one of the fastest growing areas in skincare, though not all natural products are created equal and consumers need to be aware.

Focusing on what we put in our body and on our skin is increasing with every passing day. People are recognizing the importance of sticking to naturally made products rather than artificially created items and there has been a change in how people approach beauty. The focus seems to have moved to enhancing ones natural beauty rather than changing the skin to a flawless and unnatural finish, all of which is wonderful.

You can't sell sausages in NYC without a license, why should you be able to sell cosmetics.

Natural skincare products are said to have better results and long-lasting ones because they don’t use harsh preservatives or ingredients which are sometimes classified as “natural” but aren’t. However, I can not emphasize this enough, cosmetics should be made by cosmetic chemists who understand that all ingredients are chemicals and who have a complete understanding as to how they interact.  Formulators are not cosmetic chemists. You can not take a microbiology or chemistry course and think you know enough to make products. You just can't.  Problems arise when good manufacturing protocols and standard cosmetic chemistry procedures are not followed.  I was at a beauty show in NYC once and someone was making moisturizer in a blender and handing them out.  There are people and companies who are making products in their kitchen sinks and selling it and it isn't safe.   

EVERY product needs a preservative whether it contains water or not.

Standard protocols require that all products contain a preservative(s).  This is regardless of whether the product contains water or not.  The reality is that a cosmetic product may come in contact with water so you have to anticipate this.  Formulas are tested to make sure 1) they pass stability over a period of time (when put in the ovens it accelerates the process so you can establish a longer shelf life quicker) and 2) they pass a compatibility test to make sure there is no interaction between the product itself and the container it will be put into.  After the formula has passed these tests then it can go into production.  Manufacturing must be done in FDA approved facilities to ensure safety. Each batch is tested for microbes before they fill the individual containers.  Then a random sample of filled containers are tested for microbes again to make sure nothing happened during the filling process.  Finally, samples of each batch are held (for us it's indefinitely) to ensure the product hasn't altered over time.  This is how we make sure the product is safe to sell.

I recommend all consumers be aware that 'all natural' if not done correctly, may not be safe.  There have been a number of companies who have had products turn moldy, I will not identify them outright because that's not fair to them, hopefully, they have changed their procedures. 

What we want to accomplish with our products.

When working with our cosmetic chemists to create products, I look to leverage the benefits of natural ingredients; eliminate the ingredients that 1) cause adverse skin reactions and 2) are viewed as unsafe and finally we harness the healing properties to encourage the body to do what it does naturally.  

Read more about products that use natural ingredients: Whats Our Trade Secret https://scalisiskincare.com/blogs/jill-039-s-beauty-blog/whats-our-trade-secret

Mold in your cream

It may not seem possible but there have been a number of occasions where people have found mold in their natural skin care products.  This is due to lack of appropriate preservatives.  You need different preservatives to prevent different problems.  One type of preservative to fend off mold and fungi and another type to fend off bacteria.   The mold, most of the time, looks like fungus (greenish and yellowish) and starts developing tiny hairs overtime. This may go without saying but if you even see a hint of mold in your skincare products, DO NOT use it and throw it away.

This issue is rising at a fast pace and consumers need to be aware of what product they are using – even if it mentions in bold letters: natural ingredients used. The answer you should be looking for is not just the type of ingredients these skincare products are using but how they are preserving such ingredients.

Use the right resources to check your ingredients.

You don’t need to be a chemistry major to be able to figure out some basic facts about a skincare product. Here are a few recommendations you should follow before buying any product:

1. Be aware of products that appear to be too natural or clean. ‘’Greenwashing’’ products are such that market their green approach but are not really implementing it.

2. Read the labels properly and if you want, do a quick research of the ingredients.  I would recommend using the Cosmetic Ingredient Review. It's extremely well regarded, filled with scientists and has been around for 40 years.  I recommend you DO NOT use the Environmental Working Group as a reference,  They have zero cosmetic chemists and are staffed with environmentalists who still think parabens cause cancer.

3. Not all preservatives are bad. You just need to know the good ones so that you can choose the best product.

Read more about a preservative: The Myth of Parabens https://scalisiskincare.com/blogs/jill-039-s-beauty-blog/the-myth-of-parabens

We at Scalisi take natural ingredients and the safety of our products very seriously which why all our products are manufactured according good manufacturing standards and in FDA approved labs.  As it relates to the quality and safety of our ingredients, our products meet the rigid standards to be sold in Whole Foods.

Product Recommendations: Scalisi Skincare

Scalisi takes the best of Science, Beauty and Natural so you no longer have to choose.  

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