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#MaskMonday: Olive Oil for Your Hair

Replenish your hair with moisture, strength & shine - Warm 1/2 cup of olive oil then apply to clean hair (no product) & comb through - Put a warm towel or shower cap on - Leave in your hair for as long as possible (the longer the better) - Then shampoo & condition as you normally would. 

We warmed the olive oil and began to apply it to our hair - Messy! Be sure to wear clothes that you could care less about. As per the instructions we combed it through and then wrapped a warm towel around our hair.

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Right away we noticed that this treatment was going to be messy for the entire duration - Kamakazi Drips Messy! The towel didn't prevent anything! After 2 hours we washed our hair. The first wash didn't completely remove the oil texture so we repeated with another wash.

Once washed and dried our hair was noticeably shinier! We definitely believe that repeating this treatment will improve our hair. This process is worth every bit of the dripping mess it creates! Who knows, maybe a shower cap would have been more useful.

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