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#MaskMonday: Honey Facial Mask

Weekends can be filled with skin stressors - the beach, not getting enough sleep, and dehydrators like iced coffees and cocktails make it worse.   So we decided to create #MaskMonday - rejuvenate your skin every Monday night to set yourself up for the rest of the week.  First up - the honey mask... 

Last night we tried the honey mask - plain regular honey was applied to clean slightly damp skin and left on 15 min to an hour then rinsed with warm water.

Here is what we did:

  1. Placed the container of honey in a bowl of warm water.  2.  Put our hair back in fun Scalisi Skincare Spa Headbands (headbands will be available beginning 8/27 for $5 on www.ScalisiSkincare.com).  3.  Washed our faces with Scalisi Cleanser and Exfoliator 4.  Generously applied the honey over our wet faces  5.  Waited 45 min and washed off with warm water.

Results of our honey #MaskMonday - we loved it - it's inexpensive and super easy to apply and remove. Honey is both a humectant - in that it draws and binds water from the air into your skin - and it has antibacterial properties.

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We found it was hydrating, leaves your skin soft and seems to have targeted the pimple areas as those felt a little tingle while the mask was on. Negatives are that it is a little drippy and sticky so you may want to shower after you're done.

Let us know what you think and tell us if you have a #MaskMonday suggestion!

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