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I want to be a Technology Geek

I actually aspire to be a technology geek. There is definitely another technology boom happening and whether I can run fast enough to try and catch up is yet to be determined.

Today I was introduced to TED talks. Up until now I only knew about TED spreads. Don't google it - it's totally boring - it measures if liquidity in the system is drying up and is an indicator of trouble ahead with the economy.

ted talks

TED talks, however, is amazing. It reminds me of when I used to pull all nighters in college to talk or debate about issues. Really smart people talking about really cool things. Originally created for (T)echnology, (E)ntertainment, and (D)esign, it has broadened since then but the mission remains the same: Spreading of Ideas.

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This may not be new for some, but for me it is huge. I would suggest checking it out: www.ted.com there you can find free webinars (little videos) on tons of subjects.

Another step on my path to geekdom, was I joined the meetup group for #lean startup. Again, so excited about this I can barely contain myself. At first when I went on the meetup site I searched for beauty or skincare groups and was disappointed - but this one I have high expectations. In joining this, I have been invited to join other entrepreneurial groups in the NYC area.

There is an entire world that I knew existed but I had thought it was like an underground club and an entry pass was impossible to obtain. The surprise? It's the opposite. These guys want you to join. They want you to be part of their group - because with more people there are more ideas and the larger the group the more influential it can be.

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This new notion that great things should be free, i.e. the internet, is truly revolutionary and because of this - it is allowing for expansion in business that is at a much faster rate and much higher trajectory than historically attained. Along with this, companies are slowly changing from a one way push onto the consumer to a two-way interaction via social media.

 social media

Today, businesses are still trying to assess how they monetize social media and tie it to incremental revenues. This is like trying to assess the revenues you get from philanthropy. In the end, you really don't know what it was that drew the customer in, and frankly it could have been one or many different pulls. But if it's the right thing to do, you're supposed to do it. Eventually, the smart companies will realize that this is the way to do business and you either adapt or you fold. Based on this, one would expect yet another industrial revolution, due to the advancement of technology, in the next five years.

Wow, that sounded truly geeky - maybe I will catch up.

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