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Fight the Fight until you Can't - Then Get up - and Fight Again

Fight the fight until you can't - and then get up and fight again.  I wrote this when I needed a pep talk .... a really big pep talk.   I thought... well, if it ends well I will finish and publish it and if not, well hey, I won't...

Fight the fight is probably not the speech you want to tell your children as we are all raised to play nice in the sandbox.  However, this is exactly the line you are supposed to tell an  #entrepreneur. Sometimes being an #entrepreneur is like being a bozo punching bag. Not sure if you grasp the analogy but years ago this was an inflatable toy with a sand filled bottom.  Every time you punched Bozo (regardless of how hard) he bounced right back up.

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When you are an #entrepreneur, at every turn, there are what seems to be insurmountable bumps in the road.  You are working against all odds and the last thing you need is someone who is actua lly trying to knock you down on top of this.

So what could be worse than a person trying to knock you down?  That would be a fortune 500 company.  And is there anything that could possibly get worse than that you say?   Why yes, that would be 2 fortune 500 companies!  It seems crazy that these guys would actually take the time to put me out of business - but the fact is, they take every threat seriously.  It seems the more potential you have the more painful the bozo shots get.

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Being bullied by two Fortune 500 companies isn't fun and certainly not for the meek at heart.  But in the end bullies never win.  The best way to fight any bully is to get to the heart of what they are actually threatened by.  If you can prevent them from having a legal means or reason for this threat then you win and they acquiesce.  Or that is what I hoped...

Thankfully, when you are fighting bullies, often you come across other situations where you find it is human nature for people to want to help other people;  so this somewhat mitigates the constant bozo pain.

When I originally wrote this article I ended it with the following line:

Stay tuned.... I've Never, Not got up.

This week Scalisi Skincare secured the final trademark we were seeking.   It was a delicate balance between playing nice in the sandbox and fighting bullies.  Hopefully "fight the fight" will give someone else the pep talk they need to hear.

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