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6 Model-Approved Skincare Habits for Glowing Skin

Models, makeup artists and celebrities are all raving about Scalisi Skincare.  Here are our model approved skincare habits for glowing skin with some #BTS photos.

NYC model Jennifer Pugh absolutely loves Scalisi Skincare.  "I never do this....but honestly these products are beyond amazing!!!  I have ultra sensitive skin and every product is so amazing, calming and feels like velvet!!!" - Jennifer Pugh

MUA Phoenix Golden used Scalisi Skincare on Model Jennifer Pugh for this beautiful Black & White Photoshoot for Elle Croatia.

Admit it; just like us, your ultimate goal in life is to have flawless skin. Ambitiously enough, catwalk-ready, model-like skin.

Contrary to popular beliefs, models actually have quite simplistic skincare routines for their flawless complexions. Better yet, it’s not just the products they use that helps them achieve that glowing complexion but HOW they use them.

All you need to achieve model-like skin is to tweak your skincare regimen a bit. Here is how you do it, the model way: Don’t Over-Cleanse Your Skin

We have all heard and talked to death about the harmful effects of over-exfoliating the skin, but it turns out there is a thing such as over-cleansing it too.

Cleansing the skin more than it requires can strip it of its natural oils and make it not only appear dehydrated but causes it to secrete sebum and oils even MORE to compensate for all the squeaky cleanliness.

Model Solution? Use a toner instead of a cleanser in the morning. Not only will it help wipe away the grime and oils secreted throughout the night without stripping them off but will also help balance the pH of the skin for the rest of the day.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Apart from helping you lose weight, less sugar in your diet can help prevent pre-mature aging too.

Excessive sugar in your body causes glycation. It is a process that destroys collagen and elastin in your body, causing premature aging and breakouts.

Moisturize and Keep Hydrated

Moisturizing religiously is a key step in the battle against aging. Well hydrated skin looks plump, youthful and well, gorgeous. But it’s not just hydrating your skin externally that helps. Keeping your body hydrated by drinking water is equally important.

Nutritionists suggest drinking water, half your body weight in fl. Ounces. It might sound a lot but it’s actually more or less just 9 glasses of water for someone weighing 150 pounds on average.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly helps keep the nutrients and blood well circulated throughout your body along with flushing out the harmful toxins. This in turn works to keep your complexion clear and radiant.

Start off with a simple yoga routine and a light one hour jog and see the difference yourself!

Say No To Yo-Yo Diets

Dieting irregularly and losing and gaining weight erratically can wreak havoc on your skin too. The continuous stretching and tightening of your skin can cause it to appear lose and flaccid.

If you plan to start diet, opt for healthy eating habits rather than crash diets. Make those habits a part of your life rather than a means to simply lose weight for the month. Stick with them for good and keep your weight consistent.

Go Sans Makeup

If you are planning to spend the day at home, try to go sans makeup. Give your skin a breather and allow it to rejuvenate and relax without the tonnes of layers of makeup.

Instead, plan an at-home spa day with a mini-facial and a good massage with your favorite moisturizer.

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