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5 Quick Fixes to Combat Puffy Eyes

Puffy, tired eyes have gotten to the best of us. What’s worse is that even if you are well-slept and you avoid junk, processed food (high in salt content), you can still get those pesky bloated under eyes, thanks to your genetic makeup. So if you are getting your fix of beauty sleep and still can’t fight them off, here are 5 quick fixes to combat puffy eyes:

The Tea Bag Trick

Place two chilled tea bags (green or black, your pick) on your eyes and allow the caffeine and anti-oxidants from the tea to soothe redness and tighten the under eye area.

A Cold Compress

Cold compresses help reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels. Simply, take a washcloth dipped in ice water and press gently underneath your eyes.

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Two Pillow Sleep

Sleeping on two pillows help avoid fluid retention underneath your eyes. So if your neck allows, simply add another pillow to your sleep routine and keep your head a little elevated.


Massages help increase blood circulation which in turn helps relax the stressed area and reduce puffiness. But remember, the area around your eye is very sensitive, so only use your ring finger to massage gently.

The Big Guns

If all else fails, bring out the big guns: Eye creams that penetrate under the skin and work from inside out to rejuvenate and refresh your eye.

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