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5 Beauty Hacks To Make Your Lips Look Plump

We aren’t big fans of needles.  Our Advanced Wrinkle Cream acting as topical botox is proof enough.  However, plumping up lips without fillers is another task altogether. Our solution? 5 simple everyday beauty hacks to make them appear plump and luscious.

Brush Your Lips

Yup, you read it right. Scrubbing your pout with a dry toothbrush and a little Vaseline or lip balm helps fight off flaky, dry skin, which in turn helps the lips look smooth and reflect better light to appear plumper.

An added bonus? The boosted circulation from all the scrubbing helps the lips look rosy sans lipstick!

Mint it up

A natural way to make lips a little fuller without the need for fillers is using peppermint oil or cinnamon oil. Apply a drop or two of the delicious smelling oil to your lips to make the instantly plump up and look rosier.

Go Nude and Get Glossy

Dark colors make everything appear smaller and flatter. If you want a fuller lip look, go for pastel shades or better yet, go nude.

To top it off, apply a balm or a gloss to give the lips a well-hydrated look and help reflect light to make them appear fuller.


Contour and Highlight

An MUA approved makeup trick to make lips appear plump is to contour below the lower lip and highlight right in the middle of your upper lip line. This will give the illusion of your lips being plump enough to reflect light at the top while creating a subtle shadow (the contour color) at the bottom.


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Go Outside the Lines

A cult trick made popular by the teen sensation, Kylie Jenner, is lining the lips just outside the actual lip line. However, this needs to be done with extreme precision so that the “added” area doesn’t look too fake or too outside the outer ridge.


Have you tried any of these tricks? What are your DIY tricks to make lips look plump?


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