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New Year, New Skin

New Year, New Skin

Here are some tips on how maintaining a healthy glow is easily achievable.

1.  Keep your routine simple.  Using more products does not mean you are doing a better job.

2.  Your winter routine should be different.  Your skin is dryer so you should use a heavier moisturizer and you may want to exfoliate less. In the winter, I use Scalisi Advanced Wrinkle Cream first as a booster (because my skin is so dry) and I add the Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 on top to protect my skin (90% of wrinkles comes from the sun).

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3.  In the morning: 1) Cleanse 2) Moisturize with SPF 30  3) Use an eye cream and 4) Exfoliate as needed.   Every so often, you may want to use an exfoliator with a face cloth - it really helps to remove dead surface cells and allows new cells to turn over.

4.  In the evening: 1) Cleanse (keep the disposable cloths handy for when you need to be lazy) 2) Moisturize 3) Use an eye cream and 4) Fill your humidifier (yes you read that right - it will do wonders trust me - you will see and feel it immediately when you wake up in the morning).

5. Keep your products visible and easily accessible.  I keep a set in my medicine cabinet and an extra cleanser in the shower for the morning.

It's never too late to start maintaining beautiful skin and helping to prevent future wrinkles is a lot easier than having to repair them.

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