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Kelly Rutherford, Gossip Girl, "Best of Science, Beauty and Organic. What's not to love!"

Jennifer Aniston's Makeup Artist, Angela Levin, loves Scalisi Skincare

"When I applied your moisturizer to myself it was clear it was an exceptional product. What a lovely surprise that a small company could manufacture such a wonderful product."

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Scalisi Skincare AntiAging Moisturizer

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Juuuust when I was thinking to myself it was time to switch up my skincare routine, I get this little package in the mail! I just used the night cream last night for the first time and loved it! But I'll be using them both for at least a couple weeks before I report back with thoughts. The night cream has the coolest dispensing "pump" that you press on and it dispenses the perfect amount of product! No dipping your fingers into a jar every night. I love when lines think of all the details like this! This entire line's whole "schtick" is Wound Healing Technology with Luxurious Textures. No Retinol which makes it an ideal choice for women who want to fight wrinkles but have sensitive skin (??). Also great for pregnant or nursing moms since they can't use Retinol.

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Dr. Schweiger - Leading acne expert recommends Scalisi Skincare

Misha Shahzada - Celebrity Makeup Artist global print and runway

"Part of being a makeup artist sometimes means that you need to work fast... I prefer Scalisi Skincare's Anti-Aging Moisturizer as both a primer and moisturizer... in all honesty, it's one of the best I've ever used."
Scalisi Skincare - Elle Mexico

Laura Mitchell - Celebrity Make up Artist

"As a Celebrity makeup artist, I have access to every skincare line and because I do I am very picky on what I include in my makeup kit. My celebrity clients demand the best and so do I. I've found that the Scalisi SPF30 Anti-Aging Moisturizer is the only day moisturizer that has anti-aging ingredient properties and can also prevent sun damage. I use it on my clients and also on myself. I love it!"

Customer Reviews:

Margarita M.

Hi, I just want to take a moment and tell you personally how much I LOVE your product... I have oily acne prone skin with huge pores. As I turn 30 I am noticing that my skin is not as vibrant as it once was during my 20s. I am also noticing laugh lines becoming deeper. Scalisi makes my skin tone look even, brighter and most important I see a reduction in those pronounce frown and laugh lines that I am developing. I always get complimented on how radiant and youthful my skin looks when I follow a detail regimen of daily use of Scalisi. I just want to say that my skin thanks you.

Leslie G.

Hi, Scalisi cleanser and advanced wrinkle cream arrived just in time for the dry months of winter. It has been difficult for me to find products that soothe my skin without irritants that burn the sensitive skin around my nose until I tried Scalisi. The advanced wrinkle (night cream) is not at all heavy but blends in smoothly making my face feel hydrated in the morning. Scalisi Skincare has become the chosen brand for me and my skin.

Krisanne P.

Hi, I have to say, I am a product junkie and have been looking and looking for the perfect night cream. I have finally found it. I have been using your night cream (Advanced Wrinkle Cream) for over a year and absolutely love it. It is rich and creamy and perfect for quenching my skin's thirst after exposure to dry in-door heat or the sun and it is odorless too! I see my wrinkles are relaxing...I need them to relax. On super dry skin days, I cheat on my day cream and use the night instead. My search is over - thank you.

Dee L.

Absolutely LOVE this line of skin care products!!! Winter months, a week in St. Thomas and high on top a ski mountain, my skin looks and feels FANTASTIC! It's so easy to use with only 4 steps that I don't miss a night or morning fix! The owner is passionate about her product because she knows it works...GUARANTEED! I am totally pleased and just placed my second order.

Katie M.

Your eye cream is great at reducing puffiness. It leaves my tired under eye area feeling dewy and hydrated. I love the moisture it provides to my skin prior to applying any under eye concealer.

Lisa S.

I want to thank you for creating such quality skincare products. The microbeads in your facial scrub start cleansing my skin from the moment I put it on. The beads gently exfoliate while leaving my skin clean and refreshed. I then use your eye cream and finish off with your night cream (despite what time of day it is). I use this day-and-night because it is so rich and creamy, that my skin feels like it is 20 years younger once applied. The cream is never greasy and is easily absorbed into my skin immediately. Thank you!

Lisa G.

I absolutely love love love this skin care line!!! I am a dog walker in San Francisco and out in the "elements" all day long! The wind, rain, sun, dirt and dryness these days and the Scalisi Skincare line is the only thing that works great on my skin. I have very sensitive skin and have had the hardest time finding a good moisturizer but I finally found one! And I swear my wrinkles are slowly but surely disappearing. My facial lady even noticed a difference in my skin saying it is more elastic and seems healthier! I use the advanced moisture cream as well as the cleanser exfoliator to wash my face. I absolutely love this product and it lasts forever!!! I have had my cream and cleanser for almost 3 months now and sill have a bunch left! You only need to use a very tiny bit for washing and moisturizing. It is fantastic!!!

Lynn W.

Hi - I continue to use and enjoy your products daily. The cleanser/ex-foliator is wonderful...I use it on my face then hop in the shower. The moisturizer feels like velvet and is absorbed instantly. Just wanted you to know how great they the event you didn't already know...

Wendy H.

I absolutely love your product (Anti Aging Moisturizer). It feels velvety and the smell and texture is balanced just right-light enough and a hint of a natural scent. I know it will be too light to use alone for Fall and Winter but for now, I love it.

Rob S.

It's been over a month that I have been using the products DAILY and I have to say I love them...I love the texture, scent and they way it feels going on. I think it's helping my lines too...

Amanda B.

I just received your eye cream and facial moisturizer. WOW WOW WOW!!! these products are incredible. I've been using them for about 2 weeks and the results are beautiful. Instant results to be honest, very clear skin tone, less darkness under the eyes, just fantastic. Thank you for making a product that does exactly what it says...