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Get WOW Brows in One Minute

BROW Treatment. Shading. Filling. Shaping.

Our all-in-one brow tamer, filler, shaper and conditioner will leave you with gorgeous looking brows in one minute:

BEESWAX & CARNAUBA WAX - natural waxes hold hair in place without stiffness
OLEIC ACID - olive oil extract nourishes and moisturizing
SODIUM HYALURONATE - conditions throughout the day
MICRO FIBERS - adds fullness and dimension

Shades: 1. Blonde: blonde/light brown, 2. Fawn: medium brown, 3. Brunette Lites: very dark brown/black hair. If you are unsure, go lighter versus darker.

Directions: When you remove the BROW wand, drag off the excess and reserve it for later. Apply, the color through the brow. Then, re-dip the wand where you reserved the excess and go through the brow again. But, use the wand in the way that works for you. You can 1) go against the hair for that boy brow look, then comb through; 2) use it like a pencil to fill in spaces, and 3) swipe through to shape the brow. Redip as needed.

** All of our products are Paraben free with no Animal Testing **

Tint, Fill, Shape
Best Brow Product Ever!
I have tried numerous brow products, all of which pale in comparison to Scalisi.  It is the perfect color & consistency, the small brush applicator is perfect for precise application, and it looks so natural!  I have sensitive skin, and this product did not irritate it at all.  I give it a total "10"!

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