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Winter Is About Layering - How To Layer Skincare Products

With the temperatures continuing to drop, we thought it's the perfect time to talk about layering.

Layering clothes is easy...Well, at least for us, it is. Thanks to this amazing Harper's Bazaar's Celebrity Layering Cheat Sheet.

But, layering as part of your skincare? Now that's a head-scratcher. Especially with the Koreans introducing a tonne of new steps to our lazy girl beauty routines.

Does it matter which treatment products you use first?


Can we help you bring down the entire skincare routine to 4 simple steps?


All the lazy girl in you needs is 4 products that Clean, Target, Treat and Protect... in that order.

Step 1.  Cleanse and Exfoliate - you need the right canvas for the active ingredients to penetrate to work.


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Step 2.  Apply Targeted Anti-Aging products - Eye Cream goes under and to the sides of the eye during the day (not above the eye because your makeup will smudge) and again at night applied all around the eye.

eye cream

Step 3.  Apply Treatment or Serum next - yes, use your night cream as a serum booster - you will feel and see the difference.

wrinkle insta

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Step 4.  Protect - your moisturizer will go on beautifully over the base you have created and SPF 30 will protect against future wrinkles.

moisturizer 1

There you have it.

Flawless complexion with a strong anti-aging fighting system to back it up, all in 4 simple steps.

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