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5 Warning Signs for Skin Cancer and How to Prevent it

I started Scalisi after I was diagnosed with skin cancer and couldn't find the products I needed.  I wanted anti aging, with SPF 30, that proved it worked, felt beautiful and was made for sensitive skin.  I thought I couldn't be the only person looking for this so I decided to make it.  

May is skin cancer awareness month and we wanted to give you the 5 warning signs, tips about protecting yourself and to encourage you to get checked annually. 

Almost 5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in the United States. Fortunately for all of us, this cancer is preventable. All we have to do is be vigilant and give some extra time and care to our skin in order to protect it.

Before overloading you with the knowledge about how you can protect yourself from skin cancer, we would first like to give you some basic ABCDEs of this disease so that you are able to gauge early warning signs and act immediately.

A – Asymmetry: You can see the early signs of cancer simply by checking the symmetry of the moles on your skin. A benign mole is symmetrical, which means if you draw a line in between, it will cut the mole in half and both the sides will be equal. However, when a mole is asymmetrical and both the sides are not equal, then it is a warning sign of Melanoma.

B – Border: A malignant mole will have uneven and rough borders unlike a benign mole which has even and smooth borders. If you notice a mole with scalloped or notched borders then it is an early sign of melanoma.

C – Color: A benign mole is only of one color i.e. a single shade of brown. If you notice a mole with different shades of brown, tan, black, white, or red then it is sign of melanoma which takes on variety of colors.

D – Diameter: The diameter of a benign mole is small compared to that of a malignant one. Use the eraser on your pencil tip as a measurement base which is ¼ inch or 6mm. A melanoma’s diameter usually grows to be larger than that in its later stages. In its early stages, the diameter is small.

E – Evolving: Moles generally look the same in the beginning. It is very difficult to detect any changes in them. However, when a mole starts to evolve, you should see a doctor immediately. Evolving can mean any changes you see in the mole; change in its size, shape, color, elevation, or any other trait like bleeding, itching or crusting. All these are warning signs and should be shown to a doctor immediately.

Now that you have some basic information about skin cancer and its early warning signs, read below for ways you can protect yourself from it.

1.  Apply sunscreen every day as part of your morning routine and then repeat as necessary.  UV rays go through glass so even standing in front of a window or driving your car exposes you to them.

2.  Try using Scalisi Moisturize - it feels like silk, is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has the lightest feeling SPF 30 that blends into all skin tones. 

3.  It takes as little as 15 minutes for the suns UV rays to damage your skin.

4.  Don't let the clouds and cool weather fool you.  You still need to protect yourself from UV rays whose impact is not dependent on the temperature.

5.  The only 'safe tan' is one that comes from a bottle.  A tan from the sun is mutated skin cells as a result of UV rays.  A tan is no better than a sun burn.

6.  Be sure to protect your lips as well.  Try Scalisi Balm - it feels incredible, moisturizes, has a light shine and is SPF 15.  It isn't waxy at all.

7.  During mid-day, try to avoid direct sun and being in front of windows.  Windows only repel UVB rays which cause sunburn and redness.

8.  Try coffee.  According to research, the more coffee you drink, the chances of skin cancer falls.

9.  Assist your immune system by eating more garlic, yogurt, black and green tea.

If you have further questions on the products please reach out to us.  For more information on skin cancer, the Skin Cancer Foundation has a lot of useful information or contact your doctor. Finally, please get your skin checked annually, skin cancer is one of few preventable cancers.

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