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Vogue - 6 Beauty Breakthroughs That Will Transform Your Dry Skin for Good

"Liquid gold...the ultimate moisturizer" - Vogue 

Background and History 

The background on this piece and how we got the coverage is actually pretty incredible. Over the years, I have hired and let go 4 PR firms.  I told every single one of them, please focus on a select group of magazines especially Vogue but none of them could even get me a meeting let alone coverage.  Now, maybe it has to do with the fact that Bob's Cream could be the best cream ever made and maybe it has to do with the fact that none of these PR firms worked as hard as I did to get Vogue to listen but it worked.

Read the full Vogue article here http://www.vogue.com/article/best-new-hydrating-face-creams-serums-masks-breakthroughs-technology

When I was growing up, I read Vogue Magazine.  I would look at the beautiful photos and imagine a dream world in New York City.  If someone told me I would be the first in my family to go to college, become one of the most senior women on Wall Street, own my own skin care line, be discovered by the former Group President of Estée Lauder, and yes, be featured in Vogue Magazine?  I would have said "you're nuts and wrong".  Actually my response back then may have been, "how's the crack". 

Crafting the right emails

I spent a lot of time crafting the best email possible to grab her attention.  I use hub spot so I can see if people are opening the emails.  It helps me to know if people are interested or if they haven't opened it, I know I need to reach out again.  She opened the email 7 times and I still didn't get a reply.  A week later, I sent a follow up email and she opened it 9 times.  Talk about sitting on pins and needles.  Then it came.... "Jill would you be available to come in to discuss Bob's Cream?"  I had just succeeded in getting a meeting with the Beauty Director of Vogue.  I thought cold calling her was a crazy goal but getting the story to be printed would prove to be even harder.  

After a 45 minute meeting with the Beauty Editor, I left hopeful but not certain what would happen.  Then 3 weeks later I received an email that they wanted to move forward and would like to interview me as well as our scientist.  I hung up the phone and then BLASTED Vogue by Madonna, jumping up and down dancing in my office for a good 30 minutes.  Note to entrepreneurs:  many days are bad - Celebrate the wins!

My partner Bob Nielsen, of Bob's Cream calls it my "stick- to-it-ness".  I say, I'm relentless.  

Interviewing our Scientist

The team at Vogue were very diligent in their research of the product, the cutting edge technology as well as the ingredients.  They spent a lot of time reviewing our documents, interviewing me and then interviewing our Scientist.  Bob's Cream "Could this be the best cream ever made?" has been under development for almost 10 years and is based on a cream that is preventing radiation burns in patients under going radiation treatment.  Having our scientist speak directly with Vogue was an opportunity for his passion on the product to come through.

Your story has ended up on the cutting room floor

We were supposed to be in Vogue's February issue but then came the dreaded email.  Jill I'm sorry we lost pages but hope to use the story in the future.  I was like, what?!!?  I volunteered to hold the launch date to March so we could get into the March issue or even April for that matter.  That email was opened 23 times!  And nothing.  I've always said anyone can kill a deal and it takes talent to get it across the finish line but I was stumped.  

We would like to promote your story in a big way online

Then out of the blue I received the email, we want to promote the story in a big way online, are you still scheduled to launch in February?  I had just left a meeting and saw this on my phone in a taxi.  I immediately called Bob, "it's done, Vogue is printing the story, it's going to be online and it's hitting in the next week".  

The article hit as planned and of course we didn't get to see it in advance.  We had no idea what it was going to say and thrilled when we actually read it.  Four months after I sent out the test balloon - I mean the first email - we were featured in Vogue.

Bob's Cream "Could this be the best cream ever made?" 

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