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Treat Acne in 6 Easy Steps

Assess the Situation

Acne can be problematic at any age and can be brought on by many factors, the biggest culprits being hormones and the environment.  If you are dealing with this, first try to identify the cause.  Are you a teenager - if so, your body just has to go through the development process so skip to the treatment steps below.  Are you a woman using birth control pills or have an IUD with a small amount of hormones?  Many women need to drop these options because they can wreck havoc on their skin and seek a non hormonal solution.  Are you starting menopause, if so your body needs to go through the development process so skip to the treatment steps below.   It could be as easy as eliminating hormonal birth control, use headsets or ear buds to talk on the phone and stop touching your face, and your skin will go back to normal. 

Treatment Steps for Acne: 

1) Wash your face with warm water - never hot -

2) use something with 2% Salicylic Acid to clean and exfoliate, try using Clean and Clear's Acne Triple Clear because it does both

3) Use Stridex - medicated pads - is a final step to cleansing, it will help remove anything remaining, control oil and won't dry your skin. Stay away from products that contain alcohol they are too drying.

4) Spot treat with Benzoyl Peroxide over affected areas (it kills bacteria) splash your face with cold water to help close your pores.

5) use a light moisturizer that is good for acne skin avoiding the affected area. We recommend Scalisi's Silk Elixir Serum and Anti Aging Moisturizer

6) use medicated spot correction in affected areas.

Try not to let things touch your face because it aggravates the problem ex cell phone - use earbuds etc. Don't focus so much on what you eat, that's a myth.  Do make sure to wash your face after exercising, even if you have the disposable wipes in your gym bag it is better than nothing.  Do the treatment steps morning and/or evening depending what works best for your skin. This isn't a fix, it's a routine, once you get it under control you can modify as you see fit but the objective is a routine that prevents it from coming back once it's gone.

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