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Thinking about Dermaplaning?

The facial revolution: Dermaplaning

Have you heard of the new emerging facial treatment called Dermaplaning? If you haven’t yet then read on to learn about it.

The world of facials is changing every day. From scrubs to masks to massages – facials are changing with the blink of an eye. The year 2017 has given a rise to facial revolution called Dermaplaning which is an exfoliation procedure that includes a scalpel (no, it is not scary!). The scalpel is used to scrape off the dead skin and facial hair from your face that is dulling allowing a smooth, refreshing and brighter skin to resurface. It is a very common form of facial among models and celebrities. Dermaplaning requires precision and expertise, so don’t go to any salon that offers it. Make sure you do your research before going for a dermaplaning and we have a little guideline here for you to get started with it:

1. Dermaplaning, with its ability to take off the dead skin allows a proper penetration of skincare products giving you the chance to fully take advantage of such products.

2. The scraping off facial hair and dead skin gives a clear skin for make-up and saves you from getting a cakey appearance.

3. However, dermaplaning is not the best facial for women with excessive facial hair. According to some reviews, women with excessive facial hair regretted getting this facial and didn’t get the desired results.

4. Moreover, this is not the best facial for sensitive skin – skin with rashes, acne, eczema and vascular lesions should not even think about this facial, and if you are curious, see a dermatologist first.

Along with other procedures such as micro needling and laser treatment, make sure to use a good moisturizer post procedure.  You want to calm and sooth the skin and provide a surge in hydration.  If you do decide to go ahead with dermaplaning, Bob’s Cream is a good option for after because it's going to accentuate your results and it will keep your skin fresh for days.

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