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The Beauty Awards 2010 - Cinderella Finds Her Shoe

At the suggestion of the publisher of X magazine, I went to the beauty awards last spring. I took the day off of work; had my hair and makeup done; wore a vintage dress from the 20's from my grandmother (eerily similar to Prada) and like a little girl on her first day of school I walked into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NY in the hope to join the who's who of the beauty industry.

I know this may sound crazy, but I really did expect a red carpet and paparazzi.  However, that's where my disappointment ends.  The rest of the event was spectacular.  Linda Wells, Editor of Allure Magazine, presented the indy award to Livingproof (the wildly successful joint venture between a venture fund and an MIT professor that revolutionized the treatment of hair frizz).  And I now have a new goal, the independent beauty award.  It is years away, but there is nothing wrong with having high aspirations.

I met a number of interesting people and everyone was very supportive of a new entrant in the industry.  I have to say I did bump into Jamie Foxx for a second time - why he is at these beauty events I have no idea.  I smiled and gave him the "I know you're famous but I can't possibly talk to you look"  and went to my seat in the nosebleed section.

As the event was winding down I had to leave a bit early.  As I snuck out the back and down two flights of stairs I literally ran into where they were photographing the winners. Where the courage came from I have no idea.  I remember threatening myself that I was not allowed to leave until I got a photo in front of that back drop.  "Excuse me, would you mind taking my photograph in front of the back drop, I know this is for the winners but today is a really important day for me, I'm starting my own company and I would like a photo for my website."  The photographer was so sweet and charming, " if you weren't so pretty I would say no...but I can't use my camera...do you have one?"

That's the photo he took of me with my iPhone.  He then handed me his business card and said "call me when you need a real photographer".  I still have his card,  and yes, I'm calling him.

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