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Retinol Causes Trauma to Your Skin

Retinol is a well known and popular active ingredient used by many companies in their anti-aging products.  But what many people don't know is how it works. Retinol works by causing trauma to your skin.  And seriously, with everything going on, who needs trauma when you can avoid it.  I have super sensitive skin and thought we could use an alternative.   This month we want to explain it and bring awareness with our new hashtag #NoTraumaNoDrama.

The way retinol works is it hyper-accelerates cell turn over in the skin.  This sounds harmless, however, it can be highly irritating.  In addition, it can cause:

1. weaker and thinner skin

2. redness, flaking and drying

In addition, retinol should never be used during the day as this new skin is so sensitive to the sun, it can make your skin age faster regardless of the SPF you use.  So why do companies use it in products used during the day?  I have no idea.  My guess is they think you think it's good.  Pretty dumb.  Don't do it.

Finally, retinol is not supposed to be used by pregnant and nursing mothers.

We wanted a daytime alternative to retinol and that's why I created Scalisi SkincareYour alternative to retinol with luxurious textures and proven results.  Our products trick the brain into thinking a wrinkle is a cut, so the body over produces collagen and hyaluronic acid to heal it.  #NoTraumaNoDrama.  It's better than retinol.

If you are going to use retinol, it should only be used in products you use at night.

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