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4 Steps to Transition Your Skin to Spring

As we start packing all our winter clothes and welcome spring with florals, pastel and off the shoulder outfits, we also need to start the spring transitioning regime for our skin. Not only our clothes and hair texture change with every new season but our skin gets affected the most as it is gets all the attention from the sun and the changing environment.

To prepare your skin for the upcoming spring season, follow these simple guides and your skin will transition to spring smoothly.

1)  Exfoliate the dead skin cells

Winter brings with itself excess dryness which takes over our skin and often, we see it covered with tiny flakes of dryness.  You want to cleanse and exfoliate to remove the dull skin.  This will allow for fresh new skin to shine through and allow the skincare products to work more effectively.  Pay attention to what works best for your skin.  You do not need to be too harsh and it is best to start light and work your way up to the desired level of exfoliation.  Scalisi Polish! can be used DRY - for a deeper exfoliation or it can be used WET for a more gentle approach.  It also works well with a cleansing devise (clarisonic etc).  It can be used twice a day or a few times a week depending what is best for your skin. 

2) Bring back the hydration in your skin

With a transition to spring, you should focus on bringing back the hydration that your skin has lost.  A serum under your moisturiser can work wonders for boosting hydration.  It should be your first stop after you have cleansed and toned your face. It should be applied twice daily with a thorough yet gentle massage on your skin.

Choose a serum that suits your skin type in all weathers – it is not necessary at all to buy new products for each season. You can use the same products but in a different routine.

The ingredient that works well for hydration is cross linked hyaluronic acid.  It holds 5,000x it's weight in water and is 5 times more hydrating than regular hyaluronic acid.   Make sure your serum includes vitamin C which is an essential antioxidant for the skin. It is also great for brightening and helps with collagen production.  Both of these ingredients can be found in Scalisi Glow! Serum. 

3.  Carry SPF at all times

Next you need to moisturize and protect your skin.  We focus on removing fine lines, but what about preventing them?  90% of what we attribute to aging skin comes from the sun so, take the easy way out and always use SPF 30.  Scalisi Moisturize! not only keeps your skin hydrated but also provides it with the required protection.  It does the trick in both winter and spring so you don’t have to buy different products for each season.  (For example, you may need the serum under it in the winter but not the summer.)

4.  Treat your lips

Gently exfoliate your lips with warm water and a tooth brush to remove the dull skin cells.  Then treat them with a moisturizer and protect them from the sun with SPF.   Scalisi Balm! provides all the essential moisture for lips along with SPF 15 protection from sun.  Use it alone, with a lip liner or over lipstick. 

By following these four simple steps you should be ready for spring!

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