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How To Look Like A Professional Did Your Makeup For An Event

Summer brings it's own share of parties and late night events. 

The day-to-day parties are easy to get prepped up for but what about those major events where you want a professional to do your makeup but may not have the time or money? Read on to find out how to look like a professional did your makeup for an event:

Day Before:

1) Hydrate - drink lots of water - you need to add moisture on the inside too - if you hate drinking water like I do - add a lemon - it tastes better and is good for your metabolism.

2) Exfoliate - use your cleanser/exfoliator with a facecloth and when you get out of the shower don't blot your face give it a good little rub with your towel - you want clean smooth skin.

3) Moisturize - don't skip a step - your night cream and eye cream are your best friends - try your eye cream on your lips overnight as well.

4) Use Teeth Whitener - this easily takes years off your face and can be part of your daily routine - keep a GoSmile pen in your purse - it looks like a lipgloss and works great.

5) Sleep - do yourself a favor - nothing looks better than a fully rested face.

Day Of:

1) Over Moisturize - To get your makeup to last longer over moisturize your skin so the makeup doesn’t sink in - use your day cream and add a night cream over it to make a nice canvas for the makeup.

2) Primer and Foundations add wonders but it shouldn't make you look 'darker' or 'lighter' - go over very lightly with powder - powder is a killer and especially around the eyes it makes everyone look old.

3) Frame Your Face - It’s imperative you fill in your eyebrows - go much lighter than your actual hair color - I like Bobbi Brown's Eye Shadow in "Blonde" it works for light brunette to dark hair.   When you fill in your eyebrows it automatically makes you look younger.

4) Unless you're 20, avoid the liquid eyeliner - it is very harsh on the eyes and not very forgiving.  Instead, use the darkest color in your eye shadow palette with a thin brush to draw a line at your eyelash line.  You might need to do it a few times to get the look you want.

5) Want the eyelashes that look like you have extensions?  I love Lancome Hypnose - it works amazing to get that baby doll look - (but don't get the waterproof version it's not as good).

6) Emphasize one area - pick your eyes or your lips - you don't want them to compete with each other

7) Contour and Highlight - Lightly dab concealer on the inside of the eyes and the creases on the sides of your nose.

8) Blush - should be thought of as a light highlight on the apples of your cheeks - don't go below your cheek bone.

Now you're ready.....Don't touch your face; bring your lipgloss; and no red wine.  Have fun!  

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