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The 4 steps to using Matte Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are the new revolution in makeup. Gone are the days now when you need to  reapply lipstick after every meal, every drink and even after some small talk.

Lipsticks, or applying color on one’s lips, is a phenomenon that has existed since the early days – when women learned the concept of enhancing their appearance by adding a tint of color to their lips. We are highly dependent on lipsticks and 90% of women believe that lipsticks help in enhancing their appearance considerably. Moreover, women are no longer shy about putting on or re-touching their lipstick in public. Gone is the taboo that you can’t amend your appearance in public because everyone has realized how important cosmetics like lipsticks and mascara can be.

With the introduction of Mattes, the way we apply lipstick has changed. They provide complete coverage along with a bold result and a long-lasting wear. Don’t be surprised if you come back home from a 9-5pm and your lipstick looks as fresh as the first application.

Applying a Matte lipstick can be a bit tricky.  Here are 4 steps which will help for that flawless finish:

  1. Remove any dry skin before applying your lipstick. With Matte, you need to ensure that your lips are highly maintained – lips with smooth skin are ideal.  A good beauty trick is after you wash your face, gently rub your lips with your towel and that will slough off the dry skin.  
  2. Leave your lips for the end. Do the rest of your face first, make sure to moisturize your lips when you moisturize your face, this way, by the time you apply your matte, your lips are nice and hydrated. The perfect lip balm for this is Scalisi’s Low Maintenance lip balm.
  3. Lip liners are also key. You shouldn’t be applying Matte without a lip liner. Mattes are meant to redefine and add a shape to your lips. Without a lip liner, your lipstick will be all over the place.
  4. Don’t be frustrated if you have to reapply your Matte lipstick because even long-lasting lipsticks like Matte can flake or fade away but thankfully you won't have to reapply as often.

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