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What is the science behind SCALISI

Wound Healing Technology

Years of meticulous research about the body's healing mechanism have perfected our actives.  Our peptides convince the brain a wrinkle is a cut and the body over produces collagen and hyaluronic acid to heal the wrinkle.  That's how we get up to a 45% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 59 days*.

SCALISI™ boasts a powerful combination of peptides, protein inhibitors, anti-inflammatory agents, botanicals, actives that prevent the break down of the skin and vitamins in different formats so they can be absorbed at multiple parts of the cell.

No retinol with better results.  This means SCALISI™ is great for everyone with all skin types, including sensitive skin, rosacea and pregnant and nursing moms.

M/E Technology™

You know SCALISI™ products feel different as soon as you put them on because they feel absolutely beautiful.  Our proprietary M/E Technology™ is responsible for how our products work and why they feel like silk. With an advanced delivery system that mimics drug delivery systems, our actives are distributed deep into the skin. 

The Results

In a clinical study (invitro in a test tube):

  • 45% reduction in area occupied by visible wrinkles

  • 5.5 year reduction in dermis' age appearance

In a consumer perception study (invovo on people) , 24 women used our products twice daily for 30 days:

  • SCALISI RADIANT: 94% saw an improved appearance in fine lines, wrinkles, improved elasticity and skin tone in 21 days*
  • SCALISI SPARKLE: 97% said fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable in 7 days.* 

Clinically Proven 💄 Vegan 🌱 Cruelty-Free 🐰

The easiest routine for beautiful skin.

*individual results may vary

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