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Fast Skin Rescue: White Tea Extract

Is this winter weather wrecking havoc on your skin?  A great and fast skin rescue could be all you need.

You've probably heard of Green Tea and as great as it is, White Tea is the secret. White Tea, of all the teas, is the most powerful antioxidant.  

Scalisi use White Tea Extract because it offers the most powerful Antioxidants and Rejuvenates the skin.  It helps prevent the enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin, reduces sun damage and wrinkles and replenishes firmness! 

It's awesome and it works fast!  

White Tea Extract can be found in our Eye Cream 🍃 and our Anti Aging Moisturizer 🍃 

Finally, drinking white tea, treats your skin from the inside and is an added benefit. 🍃

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