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Do you dry brush? 3 Reasons why you should start

Do you dry brush?  I've heard of it before but had no idea the benefits were so compelling!  Dry brushing may sound like a new wellness phenomenon but it's actually an ancient healing massage technique used for centuries by Russians, Indians, and many more cultures across the world. 

The invigorating and stimulating practice is fairly simple, easy to incorporate into your morning routine, and involves only one tool: a soft, natural bristle brush. (Check your local supermarkets for a brush that suits your skin.) Prior to showering, and while the body is still dry, run the brush across your skin using long, sweeping motions.  Always brush towards the heart.

Though the benefits of dry brushing are numerous, the most lauded claims are lymphatic support, smoother skin, and cellulite reduction.

The lymphatic system is an internal drainage system for waste comprised of lymph nodes, ducts, and vessels. Congestion of this integral system leads to inflammation. Meanwhile, the light, feathery pressure of the brush running along the skin stimulates the lymphatic system encouraging the process of draining while increasing circulation.

In addition, the action of running a firm brush across the skin is a gentle exfoliating practice. The bristles of the brush loosen and remove dead skin revealing smoother skin to improve the overall appearance and texture of skin.

Though the science is not 100% conclusive, many individuals swear that dry brushing has helped to reduce the accumulation of toxic materials in the body’s fat cells, otherwise known as cellulite. The brushing motions break down trapped toxins to allow for easier elimination.

As your skin is your largest organ, there’s no need to brush till your pink and blue. Instead, use a more gentle touch that feels invigorating but never rough. To reap the benefits of dry brushing, do this practice once a day and immediately shower post-brushing. It’s that simple!

What are your thoughts and let me know your results!  We can compare notes. 

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