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Seeing is Believing - Scalisi Brow!

Seeing is Believing - look at the results of Scalisi Brow! and see why framing your face with a wave of a wand makes such a big difference.


Two brows done

Sun is too bright but you get the idea

(I'm wearing Fawn)

Brow! looks like a mini mascara.  With a wave of this wand, Silky, smooth, tinted gel adds natural looking color and volume to fill in brows.

Directions:  Start in the middle of your brow and work to the end.  Then start at the beginning of your brow and blend through the whole brow.  

In 3 shades:

  • Blonde - blonde/light brown
  • Fawn - medium brown
  • Brunette Lites - dark brown/black

Unsure of the shade?  Always opt for the lighter of the two you are considering.  

Learn more about Scalisi Brow! 

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