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Beauty Awards 2011 - Show me the Science

The Beauty Awards this year proved to be more amazing than expected.  Unlike last year when I was nervous, this year I walked in somewhat comfortable.  However,  what I hadn't planned on was having the fortunate luck to have the Publisher of a major magazine take me by the hand and personally walk me around to the Hearst tables in front of the stage. There I met a number of people from all aspects of the business including the President of Global Skincare for a Fortune 50 company (yes 50, not 500).

Upon meeting him I suggested we should meet for coffee some time to chat.  Who do I think I am and where did the courage come from?  I have no idea but it seemed ok at the time and p.s. he said yes.  I have to say the whole experience was very cool.  And yes, I will be following up.

The CEW beauty award winners for this year included:

1)for Anti-Aging Prestige - Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.  You know the advertisement for this product as it has the eggs with the spots on them...a great visual image for memory recognition at the counter and they say they have clinical tests to support their claims though I haven't been able to get any details from their website;

2) for Moisturizer Prestige - Lancome Genifique Repair Youth Activating Night Cream - you've seen this advertisement too - it was everywhere - they take the time to explain their theory of finding a protein - we already know the merits of peptoids so I'm interested in learning how the protein works better - also the tests were in vitro (in the lab) and not in vivo (conducted on people).

It is fantastic that the industry is following the demands of the consumer - which is "show me the science".  Consumers are too smart to just go on the word of a celebrity.

Finally the category where we would really like to try for,  if not this year then next.... the Indie Award - honoring independent companies less than 3 years old - congratulations to Blow, the New York blow dry bar.

All in all, a great event, and I'm looking forward to following up with all of the talented people we met.

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