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Beach Essentials

Summers are synonymous for beaches and if you haven’t already planned your beach trip yet then what are you waiting for? 

Here is are some new discoveries and necessities: 

1.  Sand Chair and Umbrella

2.  Yeti Cooler and tumblers - New find!

Ok, I can't say enough good things about Yeti.  These products are AMAZING and they keep things cool for days.  Pricey but worth it!  Here is the link to Yeti

3.  Tote Bag

The bigger the better, one that’s easy to carry and looks stylish. Straw is great because it's light and you can shake the sand out of it.

4.  Cosmetic Bag

You don’t want everything all over the place in your tote, a cute cosmetic bag will keep everything more organised. 

Scalisi’s Tweed Cosmetic Bag is a stylish accessory that you can use to not only put all your cosmetics in but you can put all your essential items in it, and carry it using the adorable wristlet to the shore.

5.  Baby Powder - Surprise! Most Important!

This is the secret weapon to salt and sand.  A little baby powder helps to dry the skin so the sand flakes off.  It's perfect to help prevent irritations.

6.  Cover-up

I always choose a cover-up that can transition to a sundress, it makes it easy to go from the beach to a casual dinner or drinks.

7.  Beach towel and Flat Sheet

Everyone knows a beach towel is an absolute necessity but remember to bring a flat bed sheet.  It's easy to pack, stays cool to the touch and covers a lot of space for laying down. 

8.  Sun screen

Use a sunscreen that moisturises your skin as well as keeps it hydrated, Scalisi's Moisturize contains SPF 30 and is perfect for the face.  For the body, a water resistant SPF 30 works best. Remember to reapply throughout the day.  

9.  Protect your Lips

You shouldn’t step out of your house without a protective layer on your lips. Majority of the time, all we worry about is protecting our skin from the UV rays of the sun and ignore our lips in the process. Our lips face the brutality of the sun and can become dehydrated, dry and rough which makes applying any sort of lip product a painful task. To avoid this, use a lip balm that has SPF 15 protection and gives a natural look but with chapped and smooth lips.

Scalisi’s Lip Balm is a go-to lip moisturiser that smooths, heals and moisturises your lips throughout the day. 

I keep all of my sunscreen products in a large, lined, cosmetic bag - they stay organized and won't leak into the tote.


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