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Facts that will change how you think about Retinol

Many of the anti aging skin care products on the market use retinol. People rave about Retinol saying it has very good results but is it for everyone?  Retinol can be too strong for people with sensitive skin and pregnant and nursing mothers can not use it.  So for those who can use it, how does retinol work?  It hyper accelerates the turn over of cells so newer ones form much quicker.  The benefit is you have fresh new and hopefully radiant skin.  The problem is it can make the skin weak, frail, red and flakey.  So it seems there should be an alternative with equal or better results, right?  Yes.

Wound healing technology is a better alternative to retinol

Wound healing technology is based on the study of how the body heals naturally and then replicates it. So how do you apply that to skincare?  Convince the brain a wrinkle is a cut and then get the body to respond to heal it.  

Sounds good but how does this really work?  Think of your skin as a chain link fence, when you get a cut those pieces are called peptides.  Peptides are great because they send messages to the brain that there has been a cut and the brain triggers the production of collagen and other actions to heal the cut.  So what would happen if you could trick the brain into thinking a wrinkle was a cut - could you get it to heal the wrinkle? 

We have scientific results and raving customer reviews to support our products work.  

Scalisi Skincare products boast a powerful combination of peptides and a multi-functional anti-aging vitamin complex to achieve our superior results.

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Like the birth control pill which convinces the woman's body she is already pregnant (so she doesn't ovulate)...our peptides convince the brain that your wrinkles are cuts that need to be healed. The result is the body over produces collagen by up to 250% to heal the wrinkle. 10 Years of clinical studies proven in the lab and on people show it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 45% in 8 weeks.*

  • 45% reduction in visible wrinkles;
  • 20% reduction in average wrinkle size;
  • 15% reduction in wrinkle depth;
  • More that 15% improvement in lift


*Individual results may vary.

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