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Oxygen Facial - does it really work?

Oxygen facial – does it really work?

With advances in technology and skin products, numerous skin treatments and facials have been launched and it has become increasingly difficult for people to pick the treatment that would be most suited to their skin and will give phenomenal results. One such facial, which has been around for a long time (almost a decade), is oxygen facial.

The name might sound familiar because it is extremely popular among celebrities – one of their skin care tricks that gives them a lasting glow and refreshing look before any event.

The purpose of oxygen facial is to restructure your skin by resulting in a clear and firm appearance. It helps with maintaining your skin’s elasticity, which tends to deplete as you age and focuses on bringing out fine lines that might have been overtaken by wrinkles and visible lines.

It all sounds great and there are definitely some benefits of this treatment but the question is, does this really work?

To the utter surprise of beauty experts, celebrities and obviously us, an oxygen facial restores your natural skin which might have been depleted due to age, bacteria or dehydration. This facial brings back the circulation your skin requires, kills the bacteria on it and also brings down the inflammation resulting in a refreshing glow.

The essential ingredient used in this facial is hyaluronic acid which is a molecule that is already found in your skin which means they are not exposing your skin to something harmful. Moreover, all cells need oxygen and this facial offers purified oxygen to your skin.

This is similar to watering a plant; when we forget to water them for a few days, these plants lose their glow and become withered but once they get water back into their system, they start restoring to their original appearance. Our skin is similar to that of a plant and oxygen is a key element to restore it to its original appearance.

If you decide that an oxygen facial is for you, we suggest using our Silk Elixir Serum post treatment.  It contains and ingredient, cross linked sodium hyaluronate, which has 5x more hydrating strength than regular hyaluronic acid.  If you have had an oxygen facial, we would love to hear your thoughts on whether it worked for you or not.

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