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#MaskMonday: Strawberry and Yogurt Facial Mask

Acne prone skin?  Try this week’s Strawberry & Yogurt Facial Mask - 1/4 Cup of Fresh Strawberries & 1/4 Cup of Unflavored Yogurt - Mash the strawberries then mix in the yogurt - Apply to clean skin and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Our thoughts & experience... 

Just as the instructions state we used fresh strawberries. We made sure they were ripe and cut them into small pieces so it would be easier to mash. We then mashed them until they became mush - But not so mushy as though they had been placed in a blender!

Next we stirred in the plain yogurt until the mixture became a pretty light pink color. Right away we noticed that the combination of the strawberries and yogurt had a nice smell. Initially we were concerned that the mask might be too heavy and quickly drip off our faces - However upon application we quickly realized we were wrong.

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Once our faces were entirely covered in the mask we waited for the 10 minutes to go by. We noticed right away that the mask had a cool soothing effect. As the 10 minutes were almost up the mask began to dry and tighten on our skin. Then it was time to rinse!

After rinsing with water we didn’t feel like the mask had completely rinsed off so we rinsed once more but with soap. Once fresh and clean our skin felt rejuvenated. Ultimately we wont know how well this mask works as a prevention for acne but it's a great mask if you have oily skin - it really leaves your skin feeling clean!

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