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Makeup Only Costumes and a Guide to Halloween Skin

Halloween is tomorrow and if it has caught you off guard and you still want to be festive, we have suggestions for makeup only costumes and a short guide on how to make your Halloween look memorable and safe for your skin.

First, depending on your level of skill, you may want to try and do something yourself or you can enlist the professionals.  Here is a link to Allure's Makeup Only Halloween Costumes which will give you some ideas.  If the professional route is preferable, see if you can get an appointment with the folks at beGlammed.  The examples they have look great and they will even come to your house or office to do it. 

Second, make up can do almost everything – with it, you can change your look from an enchanted princess to an evil witch in less than an hour. However, what is essential to remember when applying tons of make-up on your skin is to prepare and protect it to avoid break outs and sensitivity.  


  1. Drink plenty of water.  This will keep your skin fresh and glowing.
  2. Cleanse and exfoliate.  This will even out and smooth your skin. Our Scalisi Cleanser and Exfoliator works great when used wet or dry (for a deeper treatment)
  3. Next, over moisturize.  Yes, you read that right.  You want to prevent the makeup from sinking into your skin.  Use a richer cream like the Scalisi Advanced Wrinkle Cream or your night cream as a base then apply the makeup.  
  4. Don't forget your lips.  Scalisi Low Maintenance is a perfect base for those matte lipsticks.
  5. Use make-up that is healthy and good for your skin. If you haven't used it before, apply a small amount of this makeup to your forearm to make sure you aren't sensitive to it.  
  6. Once Halloween is over, use make-up removing wipes to remove all that make-up. Don’t just directly wash your face. Once you have removed the make-up with wipes, then use an exfoliating face wash, Scalisi's Cleanser and Exfoliator, or a scrub to cleanse off your face.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to treat your skin. Apply Scalisi's Bob's Cream Moisturizing treatment before bed and get a good night's sleep. Your skin will be refreshed and new in the morning.

Happy Halloween!  🎃



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