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Help Me Create the New Scalisi Skincare Product

Scalisi Skincare is different. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the ton of good reviews by not only our beautiful customers, but also by doctors, models, aestheticians, and makeup artists.

Scalisi products are created via science based on wound healing technology. This means that these products treat the wrinkles and fine lines like a cut. They boast a combination of peptides, mind you NOT Retinol, that send a message to the brain to heal the “cut” by over-producing collagen.

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Now that’s all the scientific geeky stuff.

In layman terms, Scalisi Skincare delivers a 45% reduction in wrinkles within just 8 weeks of usage via luxurious silky products that look, feel and smell so beautiful you look forward to using them every single day.


Having won the 2015 CEW Beauty Quest Award - The Search For The Next Big Thing In Beauty, I am now moving on to produce the next best skincare product for you.


Previously, I used my experience, my requirements to formulate beautiful moisturizers for all of you out there. This time, however, I want all of my beautiful, loyal customers to be part of the Scalisi team.

From what the product should be to what it should feel like, I want you all to send me your suggestions, while I brainstorm with some of the best scientific minds in the country to create the next best Scalisi Skincare product.

Here are a few questions you guys can help me with:

  1. What should be the next product?
  2. How should it make your skin feel?
  3. What skin concern should it specifically target?
  4. Is there a particular texture that you prefer in your skincare products? (I am thinking something that melts into your skin without leaving a greasy residue or white cast)
  5. Is there a specific packaging that you prefer your skincare products in? (I have covered airless technology pump bottle and state-of-the-art jar)
  6. Any Ingredient suggestions that you would like to have included or NOT?

If you are not up for detailed suggestions, take part in our Twitter Poll to let me know which product should join the luxurious Scalisi Skincare line.

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I will look forward to all your suggestions!


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