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New York Fashion Week Fall '17


This season is going to be filled with colors, style, and patterns. Thanks to New York Fashion Week 2017, it is time to give our wardrobes a makeover!

Every year, in February and September, New York Fashion Week showcases phenomenal designs by renowned designers who bring to the audience an extravagant color palette, glimpses of the past, exquisite patterns and trendy styles for everyone to follow. And this season's fashion week did not disappoint!

NYFW’17 closed with lasting trends and introduced us to ideas we wouldn’t have imagined. Some of the trends that you can take from this fall’s fashion week are:

1.  Khaki should be your new best friend. Remember the time when you threw everything ‘’khaki’’ at the end of your wardrobe because it was not so feminine? This year, designers have challenged our belief about khaki by introducing all sorts of clothes with this material. From dresses to street wear, khaki is the new trend.
2. Stripes are the go-to pattern for this season. From banker stripes to seaside stripes, the fashion week was raining stripes. So don’t be surprised if you find an area in your favorite store just dedicated to stripes.
3. Are you tired of seeing off the shoulder? This season bids farewell to off the shoulder by introducing another shoulder-y trend, the single shoulder cut out and flash dance shoulder. These styles keep the off-shoulder trend alive but the different cut outs are definitely worth trying.
4. If you are so done with flared sleeves then indulge in the slit sleeves trend. Yes, you heard it right. This year’s fashion week was raging with sleeves that had slit, and who doesn’t love a slit, be it in a dress, skirt or sleeves.
5. Bathrobes, sleeping robes and now, fancy robes! This trend is for all those people who feel too lazy to dress up at 7 in the morning. It is time to stash your wardrobes with fancy robes and become a fashionista. And trust me, these robes will keep you in the spotlight for a long time. Remember when Blake Lively sported a stylish robe dress to a White House State Dinner? She definitely stole the show.

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With these five trends, your style statement won’t go wrong for this season. So give your wardrobe a makeover it deserves and spend every day like you are a model of NYFW!

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