Entrepreneurial 911

There are some days where I wish I could call an entrepreneurial hotline.  "911 what is your emergency".  Those words alone would make me feel better.  It means someone is on the other end of the phone and is going to direct me to conduct the equivalent CPR as necessary on my business crisis.

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Why doesn't this exist? Because in business there are so many facets that one can't advise on one event...Or can they... - objective, smart people can assess situations in a short period of time and give great advise.  entrepreneur

The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is making the decisions all by yourself.  The smartest thing you can do is ask for help.  I'm not beyond asking people for advise on how to resolve certain problems.

It is annoying how humbling it is - I sometimes think gosh they must think I'm so darn dumb. But what I'm finding is people really want to help you; especially if it is in their area of expertise.

Hi my name is Jill Scalisi and my X  just failed.  X could be anything... as serious as a clinical trial or an e-commerce platform to a marketing strategy or a sales pitch.

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Surrounding yourself with smart people is an established business strategy in traditional business and adopting it in an entrepreneurial situation is paramount.  Creating an advisory board is not so much to impress potential investors - it's to create the sounding board that you need to make critical decisions.  Not having to answer to anyone is worse than having to answer to many ......but it is easily fixable.

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Start to think about who you want to be on the other end of your 911 call and start to build either your team or your board of advisors accordingly.

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