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Don't forget your nails

We love talking and exchanging ideas about skin and hair care routines – they are at the midst of all beauty conversations and panic attacks. Nails are often neglected and get forgotten easily. Our nails need as much care as hair and skin, and overall contribute to a much-improved appearance.

To save you from the trouble of rushing to a nail salon every time there is a nail emergency, check out these quick and easy nail care regimes, to make your fingers look sleek and elegant.

Do not peel off the gel nail polish

Peeling off a gel nail polish is a big no!

For best results, remove gel nail polish by soaking your fingers in a bowl of acetone-based polish to loosen the gel. Follow by applying cuticle oil in and around your nails to hydrate them. Finally, start removing the nail color. This way, you won’t damage your nails and the color come offs smoothly.

However, peel off nail polishes are designed to come off smoothly and give you the satisfaction that comes with promptly removing a nail color. Peeling off your nail color also takes off a super thin layer of skin, which covers your nails and gives them a glossy look.

Do not cut off or manipulate your cuticles

As annoying and painful hanging cuticles can be, cutting off or manipulating cuticles can be very harmful to your nails.

Cuticles acts as natural barriers to protect our nails from bacteria and fungus, and if cut off, they can lead to infections and nail damage.

The best way to deal with hanging cuticles is to apply a cuticle removing formula, these are widely available in drugstores. Apply this formula around the circumference of your nails and set the cuticle back in place by pushing it with a flat tip stick. For any leftover dead skin, remove it with tissue to have clean looking nails.

Do not saw your nails back and forth when filing

You might be able to saw a piece of wood in every direction, but nails need extreme care for the finest look.

Filing nails requires focus in one direction. You should treat them gently rather than filing them in every direction.

Keep a gentle pressure on your nails – don’t be aggressive or impatient to have a clean edge rather, you will get a frayed tip instead.

Sawing your nails aggressively can make your nails frail leading to peeling and premature breakage. So be careful when filing them – start from one side of your nail and gradually move to the center ensuring you’re moving gradually in one direction. When you’ve reached the end, lift the filer and return it to the starting positon. This technique is less traumatic for your nails and gives you more control to create the ideal shape.

Don’t bite your nails

Nail biting can be the first roadblock to beautiful smooth nails. Biting and soaking your nails in saliva makes them not only weak but can also lead to frayed edges, causing our nails to look unpresentable with rough edges.

Nail biting is gross and allows the transfer of bacteria and dirt into our mouth and bodies.

Follow these tips to have lovely nails, and start preparing them for the summers with some of our most popular nail colors.

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